Ballet cookies…aka challenging myself

Last year, a friend asked me to do cookies for her daughter’s birthday, to be handed out at her dance class. She wanted a ballet theme and thus some of my favorite cookies ever were born.


As her daughter’s birthday approached this year, my friend asked for cookies again.  The only direction provided was that I should do “something like last year.”  Artistic freedom can be both liberating and daunting!  Creativity and vision don’t come easily to me to begin with. Now I was being asked for something similar to cookies I never planned on improving upon.  I consulted my cookie peers because their opinions always help me realize what I really want.  I searched design seeds for the perfect palette.  I chose the perfect silhouette from Google images. (You’re getting a real peek into my “creative” process here 😛 ) Selected just the right plaque cutter (and btw you can never have too many).  The right stencil (again, never too many).  I decided that they should be adorned with roses so I set about piping about 100 of them.  I agonized over each choice because I kept wondering if they could possibly be as good or better than last year’s.  Once they were done and ready, I took 156 photos of them over the course of 2.5 hours. (Cloudy skies, sudden sun, background indecision, and my inexperience all played a role…and you know the pressure of trying to get that perfect photo so that facebook can show it to 10% of your fans and 10% of that 10% can trouble themselves to hit “like” 😉 )


The cookies left my hands and I returned to my house that now looked like a tornado ripped through.  The big question is, did I succeed in my mission?  I like to say I learn a lesson with every single batch of cookies.  This time around the lesson was that all of the stress and agonizing wasn’t necessary or even worth it…because even though I still like last year’s cookies better, I’m really happy with the way these came out, and I see it’s possible to have that opinion and not feel like I failed.




image image

Hi all!  Often I am asked if I have a website, but since I rarely update this blog (for shame!), I point them to my facebook page.  Well, believe it or not, not everyone has facebook, so I’ve decided to post an updated gallery here for curious onlookers 🙂 I’m pretty sure this is almost everything done since that last Valentine post.