Freestyle Conversation Hearts and other minis

I baked up a bunch of minis for Valentine’s. I just heart them so much 😉 over time I’ve collected quite a few heart cutters of all shapes and sizes. I also have the mini jar.  One cutter in particular is a nice plump heart that is perfect for conversation hearts. The tiniest hearts were actually the cut out pieces from a giant heart cutter.

(I included a decorating tip in the photo for size comparison)

A while ago I was listening to the 80s freestyle station on Pandora and got the idea that these song titles would make great conversation hearts.  I realize now that that might be an obscure reference.  Thankfully in this day and age you can google when you don’t know something! (Some people seem to forget that.) Anyway, if you don’t have fond memories of TKA, Cynthia, Judy Torres, and the like, you can put any song title on a cookie.  From the Beatles to Mariah Carey, the possibilities are endless! All you need are your different colored icings and a red food marker.  (You can buy a food marker at craft stores or order it from Amazon.)

I already had a variety of pink icings prepared, and was way too lazy to make the others colors for traditional convo hearts so I just made pink ones. And I didn’t plan out my writing. No measuring, no Kopykake, I just winged it. These were total slacker conversation hearts! The rest of the minis included wet on wet, sanding sugar, and non-pareils which I love love love.
Stay tuned for the giant Valentine heart cookie 🙂




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