Daniel Tiger Cookie Pops

Once upon a time, I was a beginner cookier and decent baker. This somehow led me to believe that I could quickly become a cake decorator; that I didn’t need hundreds of hours of practice to create something beautiful. That level of hubris led to quite an embarrassing situation: a commitment to do a baptism cake that was way, way over my skill level, resulting in a monstrosity so ugly that it couldn’t even be displayed.

The above mentioned cake wreck was for one of my dearest, oldest friends. I’ve never forgiven myself for letting her down, although she has long forgiven me (seriously, you couldn’t ask for a better friend in a case like that). Eager to make it up to her, I promised Daniel Tiger cookies for her son’s birthday party.

KopyKakes are awesome for jobs like this.  Once upon a time, I did do character faces without a KK (the Spongebob cookies) but of course they don’t have a uniform look, so the OCD in me prefers the precision I can get using the KK.

What I loved about doing these was using almost every technique in my little arsenal to achieve the look I wanted.

I started by making the pops and icing them in plain white.  Once they dried, I used a stencil I made to airbrush DT’s face shape.IPhoneSummer13 163

The next step was to add his eyes using white icing.  I pushed them into shape with a boo-boo stick.

IPhoneSummer13 164

I couldn’t decide how to do the stripes, so some are piped on, and some are “brush embroidery”.  His eyes, nose, mouth, and whiskers are a combo of some icing and some painting with food coloring.

IPhoneSummer13 177

The morning of the party I started creating the tags. I thought I had the cutest idea ever- the tag should be Daniel’s red sweater.  I printed out a sheet of them and started cutting.
But then I really had the cutest idea ever!
Even better than just his red sweater would be his whole body!  I printed them out, punched two holes (one at the top, one at the bottom) and slid them up the lollipop stick.
IPhoneSummer13 196

I patted myself on the back for like 2 weeks afterward.

Best of all, my friend loved them.  And that’s all that matters in the end! ❤

IPhoneSummer13 197IPhoneSummer13 200


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