I’m baaaack! Now, where were we?

Oh right, teacher appreciation cookies.

Well, here’s what happened.  My husband got called to a new job site and had to work tons of overtime, including Saturdays.  Since he was gone so much, I have three kids 5 and under, and I spend most of the day on Sundays at church, that left pretty much zero time to do cookies.  I did eek out the teacher cookies and also an array of fashion cookies, but it was really hard.  I had all sorts of cookies plans after those that I had to cancel.  It was sad.  I’m still sad but I try not to dwell on it.  I’ve kind of removed myself from the cookie world so that I don’t have pity parties every time I see a plate of cookies.  I know everything has its season, anyway, and I will do cookies again. (Since originally writing this draft a few weeks ago, I’ve done a small batch of cookies for my nephew’s birthday party- post to come!)

So let’s talk teachers!

My lovely friend Tara asked for some cookies to gift her daughter’s nursery school teachers.  I suggested minis in jars, because I think that’s so cute.  She loved the idea and gave me the creative green light. I gathered up my mini cutters- an apple, a wedding cake (which became a stack of books), a baby bottle (which became a crayon), and a star.  That pretty much made me feel like a genius.


Mini cookies are so fun.  Of course, you should try to figure out how many you’ll need to fill up a jar, so that you don’t come up short and have to bake an entire new batch the night before they’re due.  (Not that I know from experience or anything.)  The sizes of these ranged from a quarter to a half dollar.  I wanted to take a pic to show you, but I skeeve touching coins, let alone allowing them anywhere near food.  So just picture it in your head.  Little cookies! So cute!

When it came to the stack of books, I thought about what titles they should have.  We’re talking nursery school, so I came up with some clever titles, if I do say so myself. *pats self on back*


I was very pleased with the final result.  They would’ve looked really cute with some teacher-themed ribbon but my friend was already planning to put the finishing touches on herself.  I hope to do them again someday and see what else I can think up.



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