A friend asked me to do fashion themed cookies for her aunt’s birthday party.  I excitedly accepted the challenge.  Yes, challenge….I’ve never exactly been a fashionista; my sister in law and I joke that it would be awesome if I could be on an episode of “What Not to Wear”, so a fashion theme did indeed present a challenge.

My friend requested shoes, bags, and lipstick cases.  I wanted to think out of the box and make these cookies really special.  After discussing ideas with some fashion-savvy cohorts, I decided I’d do some Louboutin heels, Vogue magazine covers, big hats, and bags.

Then my husband got called back to work…..

Under stress and faced with a fraction of the time I originally had, I needed to switch gears.  There was no way I could do little Vogues. 😦 I’m still sad about it.  No, now I needed to just do what had been asked of me…hats, shoes, lipstick cases since I knew those would be easy. (I hate only doing what’s asked of me. That’s like the bare minimum. I like to take it to the next level. Ah well.)  Now, what can I blame for my lack of sense when it came to choosing the cutter for the shoe cookies?  The stress?  The little time I had?  The general mom fog of being alone with 3 kids all day and night?  Let’s go with that.  Because for some reason, a simple solution like, you know, a square, eluded me.  No, I was thinking more literally.  So even though I knew I’d be doing a dainty heel, I chose…a huge clunky cowboy boot…and trimmed the tops down…yes, somehow this seemed right to me. (I can’t begin to tell you how embarrassed I am about this.)

iphonejuly1 373

Eyesore cookie shapes aside, I was happy with the actual shoes and bags.  It was already really late the night before these had to be mailed, so I did quick lipstick cases….again not indicative of what I actually wanted to do, no detail…*sigh* They still tasted good at least. 😉

iphonejuly1 385

iphonejuly1 386

All’s well that doesn’t end in complete disaster, right?


2 thoughts on “Fashion.

  1. By sheer genius you made these beauties. They were so amazing and I could not even put into words what an awesome addition they made to the party. I hope to work with you again in the future. Your so naturally gifted and it was a real treasure to work with you!!!!

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