Born on the 4th of July

At this point in my cookie “career”, I should know that my projects seldom go according to plan. Especially when I go into them thinking “these will be easy! Only 3 colors!”.

My sweet nephew was born last year on the 4th of July. I’d been looking forward to doing cookies for his first birthday party for months. I ordered an Ecrandal pinwheel cutter to do stars and stripes pinwheels; red, white, and blue star sprinkles from Karen’s to use as accents, and I gathered up my cake, number 1, shooting star, and little star cutters. I can’t even tell you how excited I was.

My son had gotten a little star lollipop on his last day of school, and he carried it around for days. It gave me the idea to do little star cookie pops, which were the little stars of the batch. (hardy har har) Seriously they were so cute. I can’t wait to do more.

So I baked up my cookies and cookie pops. For the first time ever, the lollipop sticks baked perfectly into the cookies- firmly set, little to no yellowing at the top. I took it as a good sign. I got out my bowl of icing that I had stored from my last project. It was just enough to make red and blue. No big deal, I’ll make a new batch of icing for the white, I thought.

When will I learn to stop thinking “no big deal”??? It’s like the ultimate jinx!!

To counter my first-ever lollipop stick success, I had my first-ever extreme icing failure.
It was the dreaded icing that never dries!!! You know (or don’t, if you’re lucky, so take heed)- the next morning when you check it, expecting dry icing so you can move on to the next step of decorating, you discover to your horror that it is as wet as it was the night before. And it has that foamy look.

On some of the cookies, I had only used a little bit, so it was ok to leave it. But in the sections where I flooded with white, like the pinwheels, I had to scrape it off. My brother lives 2 hours away and we were heading over the day before the party to stay at my in-laws’ country house. I had to pack all the cookies and supplies for the final decorating stages. I brought the white icing, foolishly thinking maybe I could alter it somehow and make it work. Nope…I’ll spare you the details but nothing could bring this icing to a proper consistency. It was now late Friday night, I didn’t bring ingredients to make a new batch of icing, and I couldn’t go to the store…so I had to improvise. I had brought my airbrush and a stars stencil. Even that didn’t work- the airbrushed white color barely showed, even after multiple applications. I was bummed…I had such a great vision for these cookies…but without having a good white icing to work with, I couldn’t finish them the way I wanted to. (story of my life lately!!)

I tell ya, thank goodness for sprinkles. They really come in handy at times like these.


Even though the pinwheels didn’t come out perfectly, I still loved them.  And the little star pops.  I am totally doing all of this again for my daughter’s first birthday next month, in girly colors!




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