Sal hearts Spongebob












I just realized yesterday I never blogged about this set.  I also kind of realized yesterday that my posts are a little on the windy side.  Sorry about that.  I’ll keep this one short and sweet.
These were for my son Sal’s 5th birthday party.  I didn’t have the Spongebob cutter set, so to improvise, I used cutters I had around.  For Spongebob I used the Wilton gift cutter and then went over the edges with a scalloped square.  For Patrick I used a starfish cutter (duh).  For accent cookies, I did the little pineapple house where Spongebob lives, and a small circle decorated with those blob-like stars that are always in the background on the show.

Spongebob was largely wet-on-wet, with details added at the end using a black food marker (also, blue irises painted on with food coloring and a paintbrush).

The pineapple and blob stars have airbrushed bases.  I loved the dimension that that added- and on the blob cookies, I did a gradient background of blue to green, which turned out really well.

What I loved about doing this set was using multiple techniques to achieve the look I wanted. Wet on wet, airbrushing, painting, food markers.  Fun!!


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