Yo Gabba Gabba cookies

When a friend asked me to do Yo Gabba Gabba cookies for her little girl’s 3rd birthday, I happily and excitedly accepted the challenge.  YGG has a special place in my heart- it was my oldest’s favorite show for a time when he was my only baby.  The first cookies I decorated “successfully” were YGG.  I thought it would be fun to re-visit the theme at this point in my cookie journey.


My first presentable cookies- YGG themed number 2’s, 2010

I began to research YGG images and others’ YGG cookies to get a feel for what was out there.  With character cookies, you’re not exactly re-inventing the wheel, but I did want to attempt something different.  What kind of platter did I envision?  What were some symbols of YGG that I wanted to incorporate?  Well, DJ Lance’s boom box, for starters…I figured those would be easy! (That should’ve been a red flag.)  I was going to do the characters’ faces and decided on my spiderweb cutter just to be a little different from the circles and rectangles I had seen.  I figured some birthday cake shapes, number 3’s, and scalloped ovals would round out the mix nicely.

I needed quite a few colors.

I used the wet-on-wet technique to do the faces- I flooded the webs with white and then immediately added the bases for the heads.  Once they were completely dry, I added the details to their faces, and did a four-color outline on the borders reminiscent of the borders I’d seen on YGG birthday plates.  I really liked how they turned out!

Muno, Foofa, Brobee, Toodee.  Due to a miscount, Plex never made it to the party.

At this point I realized that I had no more web cookies to do Plex.  Oops!  I had a huge bag of yellow icing at the ready, so I used it for the big number 3 cookies.  Since Foofa was the birthday girl’s favorite, I did the birthday cakes in a Foofa theme.


I was humbled by the boom boxes. My circles were uneven, my lines crooked. I didn’t have a plan for the speakers, and when it came time to add the details to them, I floundered…I ended up doing them all differently because I couldn’t achieve one uniform look, and only sent her half of them when all was said and done.  My number 3’s were yellow so I outlined them in blue and used a paintbrush dipped in orange food coloring to draw on little doodles, like those seen in the YGG logo.  Last but not least, the scalloped ovals got some pink number 3’s and one wonkily written Happy Birthday. (note to self…practice writing with icing more often)


The whole gang!  They want to go to the party in your tummy.

So, fun!  Character cookies may bring on a particularly intense level of exhaustion, but that is matched by an equally intense sense of accomplishment.  That’s why I’ll keep doing them!  Not because I’m a glutton for punishment.  (Although I am that too.)
Lessons learned: 1) The ones that look easy are sometimes the hardest.  2) My best cookies are the ones that are planned.  I’m still not at the “wing it” skill level.  3) Mail big number 3 cookies with a cardboard back from now on because they all broke in transit, thereby shattering my perfect shipping record.

Coming soon:  Teacher appreciation cookies!

“Goodbye, see ya later, weeee haaad funnn”


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