Marimekko flower cookies

So, I made some Marimekko flower cookies last night!  They’re a surprise for a friend, as a gift from another (mutual) friend.  I’m pretty confident she doesn’t read this blog (or even knows it exists) so I can safely share the process with you all.

I searched high and low for the official cutter to no avail (they were sold by Crate & Barrel at one point, but whomever bought them is hoarding them I guess! I don’t blame them.).  I decided simple circles would be best, and I’d use my KopyKake to project the image onto them, that way they would be perfect.  I used three different sizes; I thought it would make for a nice look.

I don’t have any pictures of the mixing colors process, (#blogfail) but it took about an hour and a half (three kids pulling me away every 10 minutes).  I made piping and flooding consistences of coral and pale fuchsia, 20-second yellow, and 20-second black.  My plan was to do the main body of the flowers, then go back and do the yellow for the stamen, using the wet-on-wet technique; once that was dry, go back and add the black. It didn’t quite work out that way- the black ended up being wet-on-wet, too.  But it looked better that way so I didn’t mind.  The last step was adding the black stems.

As soon as I was ready to begin, and turned on the KK, the light didn’t work.  Thinking it just needed to be tightened, I twisted it ever so slightly and the bulb broke off in my hand… with the neck still screwed in.  One nervous breakdown later, my husband came to the rescue and got it all fixed up in a jiffy.  He then looked at what I was doing and said “why do you need to use the KopyKake, anyway? Those look like you can draw them on any old way.”  Men! Pffth.
(truth be told, I did freehand the last few, but I’m not a natural at drawing so I didn’t want to take any chances at first!)

I love how they turned out for the most part- I do wish I had done them on a white background, though.  Next time!

Lessons learned: 1) Do not attempt to fiddle with the KK lightbulb yourself.  2) Don’t leave naked space on a cookie.  3) When you’re ready to add another layer, and you think the icing is dry? It’s not dry yet.







8 thoughts on “Marimekko flower cookies

  1. So beautiful, so delicious, and so thoughtful! Thank you, Stephanie and Cate, for a wonderful gift. Stephanie, you are a talent, I look forward to eating more of your work—er, seeing more of your work.

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